Nutrition Consultations‚Äč

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

  • Receive a client intake packet 
  • Fill out a 3 day diet form
  • Comprehensive analysis of nutrition, exercise, supplements, health issues
  • Learn about any nutrient deficiencies in your diet
  • Adjust your lifestyle for proper hormonal balance
  • Adjust your lifestyle for your specific weight loss needs
  • Learn the type of exercise your body needs to function optimally and achieve your fitness goals
  • Private Personal YouTube video reviewing your intake packet
  • Follow up email with all adjustments and suggestions

Introductory Price



"I was struggling with severe stomach pain and health issues that the doctors just could not figure out.  I was frustrated and felt quite hopeless when I contacted the Plant based Nutritionista for a consultation.   I could not believe how knowledgeable she was, she knew exactly how to help me.  After following her recommendations for a few days I could not believe how much better I felt, I even started losing weight which I had struggled with for years as well.  I highly recommend her services to anyone!"   Ashley
"I had tried to transition to a plant based diet unsuccessfully for almost a year.  I wanted to eat healthy due to some very serious complications that had arisen from hormonal imbalances around the time I turned 45.   My doctor simply recommended surgery and offered absolutely no hope.  I had a consultation with the plant based nutritionista desperate for some help for my hormonal issues as well as helping my family enjoy more plant based meals with me.  She was fantastic!   She sent me an entire 30 day menu plan for my family with recipes they absolutely LOVED!  She identified exactly what I needed to do and I could not believe how much it turned my health around!  Thank you, thank you!"    Donna
"I contacted the Plant based Nutritionista after a series of blood work showed that I had high cholesterol and some health issues that were very concerning to me.  The doctor strongly suggested medication and did not believe dietary changes would help me.  She was extremely thorough in her evaluation and even helped me learn how to navigate going out to eat and still improve my health.  I lost 10 pounds in 30 days and was able to improve all my blood work to normal.  She is a life saver!  "     LeAnn
"I had been trying to conceive for almost a year and began dealing with irregular cycles, hormonal acne and felt completely lost as to what to do.  I decided to try a consultation to see if the Plant based Nutritionista had any ideas.  I took her advice and my very next cycle was completely back to normal and I was pregnant within three months!!  She is a miracle worker!"   Trisha