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The Nutritionista studied in the Health Science Field with an emphasis in Clinical Nutrition & Women’s Health.  She has completed her Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition through T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell University,  Nutritional Herbalist Certificate from The School of Natural Healing,  Essentials of Culinary Arts Graduate from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, and Certified Pilates Instructor.



After Pictures don’t always tell the whole story…..

I believe my personal experience is my greatest credential!  I did not struggle with my weight or with any emotional eating issues until after I had my first baby and started trying to ‘diet’ to lose weight.

I had gained a significant amount of weight after being on bed rest for the majority of my pregnancy.

Food became my comfort…my only comfort.

I was horrified when the 70 pounds didn’t just fall off with the birth of my baby!  I turned to dieting and exercise, sounds good doesn’t it.  I cut out all sugar, tried a low-carb diet and started exercising…. The low-carb diet was miserable and so I turned to just eating less.

It worked..but then again, I was only 22 years old.

I jumped on the diet roller coaster and my weight began to yo-yo up and down…..

I increased my cardio, running 10 miles a day, lifting weights, HIIT, cutting more calories, eating only raw foods for 2 years, then I began to spiral into eating the lowest calorie foods I could think of and the misery of eating tiny amounts of food while still struggling at 25% body fat robbed me of my joy, enthusiasm for life and happiness!

I discovered that I could be a normal, healthy weight and #stopthefoodfight by eating #soulsatisfying foods

The most amazing part is that I learned to eat #soulsatisfying food.

Through my experience came a desire to help other women find freedom from the painful ‘diet’ mentality, food rules, and the binge starve cycle.


Meet the Team

Meet my fabulous team, my family! This is a family run business and I am thrilled to be able to work with my amazing kids.  They help me with the things I am weak in, technology and photography 🙂 

Plant-based nutritionista profile

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