Finding freedom from food and Regaining joy in your life

Plant-Based Nutritionista

Plant-Based Nutritionista

Finding freedom from food and Regaining joy in your life


FREE 7 Day to Food Freedom Course

If you are feeling desperate, out of control, don't know where to turn and are TIRED of restricting food and the resulting binge/restrict cycle...START HERE!

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30 Day Soul Satisfying Food Freedom Course

When you are ready to shake off the chains of food rules, restriction, cravings and binge eating and find FREEDOM...this course is for you!

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Soul Satisfying Food Membership

If you are feeling desperate & out of control, you have tried may need community support through your 30 day course and beyond!  

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Do you feel out of control when it comes to eating?


You are NOT alone!   Do you find yourself searching online....How to overcome cravings?  10 tips to overcome emotional eating?  Only to find yourself reading the same old tired answers....drink more water, eat an apple instead of that pint of ice cream and you'll feel better.

You aren't Lazy!  You do NOT need more will power!

You're probably thinking you just don't have enough will power and all these fit, lean and thin women you aspire to look like have some iron will that you just simply do not have.

I am going to tell you a isn't about will power and you DO possess within you the power to overcome emotional eating and cravings!  

If you are tired of running in circles and feeling like you lose 2 pounds during the week being 'good' only to gain three on the weekend when you can't take the restriction any are not alone and it doesn't have to be this way!

Do not follow someone else's food rules.  You may see some fit, lean woman and think, "I want to look like her."  So you try to mimic her diet and lifestyle only to find that it doesn't work for you...the food isn't satisfying or the workouts are boring or too stressful or lengthy for you.  You feel like a failure!

We need to STOP trying to be someone else.  You need to find what YOU love!



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